Prune Orchard Photography: Blog en-us (C) Prune Orchard Photography (Prune Orchard Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:52:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:52:00 GMT Prune Orchard Photography: Blog 120 80 Harper Family Photos I always have fun taking pictures of this good looking crew: 

Of course, having my husband there to make everyone laugh is a definite plus. Can't get enough of this cuteness: 

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I hope they call me on a mission Two weeks ago, my baby brother became a full time missionary for our church. I am super proud of him, even if I can't quite get over the fact that he's grown up enough to go out on his own for two years. 

Before he left, my mom wanted a few last pictures of him playing his trumpet- something he's spent many many hours on the last few years: 

God speed Elder Dailey. We will miss you!

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New babies and happy days My youngest sister just had her first baby in March. She is very cute. See for yourself: 

Together, the three of them make a pretty good looking crew! 

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Wedding Reception This was the first wedding reception I've done, and it was a lot of fun! I love this family that I grew up with, and love that I had another opportunity to take pictures on Prune Orchard Road. :)

Here's a few shots of the beautiful wedding reception: 

Congrats Lauren and Tyler! Thanks for letting me part of your celebration!

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Glazner Children I love these kids so much. Not only are they my friend's children, they have been my Primary kids for the past year! I kind of feel like they belong to me a little too. :) 

Also, I am still in love with my new camera. I mean wowza! 

Thanks Scott and Jodi, for letting me photograph these amazingly photogenic kids! 

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Sutherland Family Photos This family is a lot of fun! We can relate to the chaos of life since we are both in medical school, but you'd never know it with how calm and composed they look here: 

And this: my favorite photo from this shoot! Just what all married couples who are still happily in love should look like: 

Chris and Betty, you two are the best! 

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Desert Beauty This family wanted some shots of the desert, and this shoot proved to me in a new way how beautiful desert scenery really can be! I LOVED their choice of yellows, and these kids were just so photogenic and adorable! 

Of course it was an added bonus that this was my FIRST time trying out my beautiful new D750 camera! I love it!! Thanks Rowan family, for being my first subjects and being patient with me as I fumbled through new settings a bit. :) You were a dream family to work with! And look how beautiful they all are: 

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Christensen Family Photos I had such a great time with this family. They are all so photogenic, and these girls had such fun personalities! We laughed a lot, and had a great time! Here are a few of my favorites: 

There are so many more gorgeous shots of these girls, I just couldn't choose. Be sure to see them all at:

Merry Christmas Christensens! 

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Brown Newborn Pictures Newborn shoots are one of my favorites. Take a look at this little guy, and you'll see why: 

Congratulations Brown family, on your darling new addition!! 

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Pope Family Pictures My favorite part of family pictures is photographing children, and this darling little girl was no exception: 

Thanks Pope Family for a fun session! 

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Walker Announcement I am behind posting this, but I wanted to make sure all of their friends and family knew before I posted this darling announcement... 

Congratulations Alan and Brittney! The first four have turned out so fabulous, the 5th one is destined for greatness as well. :) 


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Hooker Family Pictures At the beginning of November, I got to photography Justin and Heidi's family. Then, a few weeks later, I was able to photograph the whole family together. We had such a great time, and the cousins laughed a lot! 

Thanks Hooker family for asking me to take your pictures! 

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Edwards Family Pictures I love getting to photograph families two years in a row. It is fun to watch their family grow! This is last year: 

And now a year later: 

Merry Christmas Edwards family!!

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Cardon Family Pictures Christmas in Arizona doesn't really look like the Christmas I'm used to. That's why I LOVE the reds this family chose against the desert backdrop. It's making me feel ready to break out Christmas decorations and music already. In my opinion, this made for a PERFECT family Christmas card shoot! 

I have to say- even though I miss snow and hot cocoa at times, the fact that we were all out in November without coats on is a definite perk to AZ. :) What a fun time I had with these four! Thanks for being so photogenic and easy to take pictures of Cardon family!!

shoemaker family 2016-13shoemaker family 2016-13

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Beautiful Musician Head Shots are a fairly new adventure for me, and I love doing them. I was thrilled with how this session turned out, but I have to be honest, I'm not sure I can take much credit for this one. She is gorgeous without any help from me. :) Thanks Karissa, for such a fun morning! 

Be sure to contact Karissa if you need lessons, or are looking for a flute performer for your special event! She is amazing! 

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Parker Family Pictures Last week, I had the opportunity to take some photos of this gorgeous family. I haven't met many people who are more photogenic than this group! 

The light was perfect, and the company was great. All in all, it was a fabulous afternoon. And seriously, I can't get enough of this tiny one's hair: 

And finally- I have to share this one, because it's one of my favorite photos... maybe ever. Childhood is beautiful. 

Thanks Parker family- for the opportunity to capture such a beautiful and photogenic family. 

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A beautiful morning for a Family Photo shoot! This year, I've learned something my dad has tried to teach me my entire life. There is something magical about early mornings. I have come to love the early morning. I love the peace and quiet, the energy, and clarity, and maybe most of all- the light. 

There's something about light in the early morning that also makes for some beautiful pictures. 

This week, I loved spending my early morning with this beautiful family: 

It doesn't get much more beautiful than this!! 

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Back to Prune Orchard Taking pictures on the road that inspired the name of my business, is always nostalgic and fun. This is where I grew up, and I love it here. This family of energetic boys is a joy to be around, and we had a lot of fun shooting these pictures! Of course it helps that they are my nephews, and I think they are great. I think their parents are pretty great too. :) 

Love you, Harper family!

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Growing Up So, sometime around last month, this happened: 

While I can't take credit for this photo (you'll notice I'm in it- please ignore the horrible hair) I just had to use it to put everything into context. 

Somehow I blinked, and this happened: 

(I did take that one. :)) 

How did such a cute little baby grow up to be such a handsome guy? 

Oh well. He's handsome, and funny, and kind to everyone. He has much more maturity than I did at his age (I was his age in the first picture). He is about as perfect as any 17 year old boy comes. 

Handsome and all grown up maybe... but still always my baby brother. Here's to a great senior year, and so many good things ahead!! 

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Tis the season for Graduation!! A few months ago, I had the privilege of photographing this beautiful family for their family pictures. I was so honored to be asked to document Seth's graduation from Pharmacy school this week as well! 

This shoot challenged me in new ways. It was the first time I have attempted to do a full photo shoot in mid day sun. (And when I say "mid day" I mean 12 pm, when the sun was literally directly overhead, and the shadows were non existent.) It was a liberating experience for me to put my knowledge and skills to the test to find beautiful light, even in the most difficult conditions. It was a great experience, and I think we succeeded! 

Of course, it makes my job a lot easier when your subjects are all so good looking. What an exciting day for this family! I think I appreciate their excitement even more, knowing that we will be taking these pictures of our family two years from now. 

Congratulations Seth and Kristin for an amazing achievement! I know first hand that this is an important achievement for the entire family. Here's to great things in your future! 

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Twins!  My good friend Lauren, was brave enough to be one of my first photography subjects ever! She was my very first maternity shoot, and I have come a long way since then! Still, there were a few pictures from that shoot that remain some of my favorites. 
This was Trenton and Lauren in November of 2012. Now... a little over a year later... can you believe they have four feet to fill those little shoes? 

What a difference a year makes... 
This sweet little family of two:

.....has doubled in numbers! And in cuteness. :)

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My Husband the Rock Star During the first weekend in March, I was thrilled to stand by Otto as he pulled off a large scale, Pre-Med Conference hosted by Midwestern University, and specifically SOMA, the Student organization on campus that he served as President of. While I had some part in helping with the conference, (a lot of playing Otto's secretary, editing documents, teaching one of the classes, and attending the events together) this was Otto's blood, sweat and tears, as well as great success. I couldn't be prouder of him. 

We were honored to welcome some distinguished guests to the conference, including CEO of the AOA, Adrienne White-Faines who flew in from Chicago to be the keynote speaker. It was such a wonderful, and enriching weekend to be a part of!

The weekend came off without a glitch, and Otto had not missed a single detail, except one. He had forgotten to appoint a photographer for the conference. Lucky for him, he knows one. :)

The man is seriously fun to be married to. Can't wait to see which project we take on next!  

Photos also available at

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Announcements! Remember these people, the sweetest, most photogenic couple of all time?? 

They just made a big announcement! I was thrilled and honored to be a part of it. 

These two are ready to adopt! And I am vouching for them personally... if any of my contacts know anyone looking for birth parents, you'll never find a couple better than this one. 

All of my congratulations and best wishes to these two!! 

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Extended Family in the Citrus Groves This shoot was so much fun for so many reasons. It stretched me in new ways, since I am not used to the lenses, the settings, and the poses required for shooting large groups. It was a great exercise in creativity, and caused me to spend a lot of time reading up and researching on new photography methods. 

2nd- Well, see for yourself. These people are just beautiful. 


I also have to say, shooting in this beautiful location was a dream. It's not very often you get that much green to work with in AZ! 

What a sweet family, and how kind and patient they were with me while I was navigating the logistics of setting them all up! Thanks Hansen family, for being so wonderful to work with! And welcome home, Neal!  

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Beautiful Girls Wow. Talk about some beautiful girls. Their daddy is going to have to watch out when these three grow up! 

Take a look at these breathtaking little beauties! 

Thank you three for being so sweet and cooperative. Spending an hour with you was so much fun! 

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Head Shots: A New Adventure A HUGE thank you to Nina Hodge, my first head shot model, who was so cooperative and gracious to go along with all of my experiments and crazy ideas for this shoot. I learned a LOT about lighting, posing, and angles during this shoot. I am proud to now add this to my repertoire of services! 

Also, a HUGE thank you to my makeup/hair artist, the very talented Karen Pratt. I recommend her without hesitation to any of my clients who are interested in taking advantage of her services. She is fabulous! 

And let's face it Nina... if you ever tire of teaching, you've got a sure future in modeling. :) 

Say hello to the gorgeous Nina! 


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Beautiful Arizona Family I have never been good at being concise with my words. It's one of my life long quests. But sometimes it really is true that pictures speak completely for themselves. I just want to say that I REALLY loved working with this sweet, beautiful family. It was such a privilege to spend an hour with them! 

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My Favorite Things This shoot combined several awesome things: The first two are these two: 

They definitely fall in the list of my favorite things. 

Another one of my newest favorite things: shooting in fog! A rare treat for this desert shooting photographer! 

I learned a lot, and there is a lot I would do differently next time, but overall, I was thrilled with the romantic haze these pictures ended up with. I wish I could shoot in fog all the time! 

And lastly, I have to say that it was a nostalgic experience for Prune Orchard Photography to get to take her camera home to shoot on Prune Orchard Road. Life can't get any better than this! 

Happy 1st Anniversary you two. The camera loves you, and so do I! 

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Beautiful Realities I raced through rush hour traffic on my way across town; 80% confident, 20% apprehensive. I was on my way to my most important photo shoot of the season. This time I was not only in charge of capturing good lighting, backgrounds,smiles and expressions, but making sure clothes stayed clean, hair stayed in place, noses remained dry, and attention spans lasted. These were my very own littles. And I had in my head the perfect vision of the perfect shot of my two innocent angels for our Christmas card, and another adding my cute little niece for a perfect holiday gift for my in laws. How hard can it be, with three adults to get ONE perfect shot of three toddlers? I am a pro at this, right? And certainly, I know how to control my own two children better than anyone else's. 

I heard my own voice in my head telling every parent of every toddler I've taken pictures of this year: "Everyone says taking pictures of toddlers is the most difficult, but I think it's the easiest! I learned how to take pictures while practicing on my own toddlers. It never bothers me when they are cranky, refuse to look at the camera, or run around instead of sitting still. If you are just willing to wait a toddler out, you will always come up with something amazing. Because toddlers are real. They don't pose, they aren't stiff. Everything you capture on camera is real." 

If you have read my intro blog post, you'll know that is my motto for photography. I don't believe in doing a lot of photoshopping. I love to use my editing software to enhance colors and tones, but most of the time, I leave the rest as is. I want your photos to reflect real life. I want photos to be remembrances of the beauty of how those moments really looked. I believe that is the most beautiful form of art; capturing our imperfect realities in a way that helps us to realize their overwhelming beauty. 

Fast forward an hour and a half. I am now driving home through worse rush hour traffic. My one year old is screaming, mad that we are not home having dinner yet. My two year old is in the back seat continuously saying, "Mommy I want to go home." Despite the fact that I was trying to remember he is two, so I wouldn't kill him for refusing to smile through all 500 pictures I took, I thought it was a sweet moment. Then he started saying, "I want to go home and eat candy. You promised me." Yes, it's true, I had promised him candy if he would smile. And for about 10 of the 500 pictures, he did smile. Just in time for his sister and cousin to start pitching major tantrums, because by then, we were on picture 355. 

We spent an hour and a half, my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and I, jumping, laughing, screaming, clapping, picking kids up and plopping them back into place, pleading, bribing, and attracting the attention of everyone around us. Oh how I wished my busy med student husband could be there to help me. He always fixed everything when I couldn't. And he could always make the kids smile. But he wasn't, so we did our best with the three of us. And at the end of the day, I pulled up all 500 pictures on my computer, tired and frustrated at what I thought was a failed attempt, and realized what I already knew. There was not a single, perfect picture out of the whole lot. There was not a single one where someone wasn't crying, screaming, sticking their hands in their mouth, eating weeds, looking in the wrong direction, crawling or running away, or making scowling faces instead of smiles just because he's two and he doesn't like to do what he's told at inconvenient times. 

And then, I remembered. They are one, and they are two. They are them. They are real. They are perfect. They are beautiful. They are mine.

I succeeded. There is more beauty in these little imperfect snapshots than I have seen anywhere in the world.

How I love and adore these perfect, sweet, darling, REAL little people, just how they are in these images, just how they will always be in my memory, just who they are today.


Merry, Merry Christmas. May all of your realities be joyful and beautiful. 


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Christmas in Arizona! I have to be honest, taking pictures in Arizona totally bummed me out at first. My style is to capture rich, deep, bright, beautiful colors, and take advantage of green grass, trees, flowers, gardens, etc etc. Who doesn't want to shoot in that kind of an environment?? Arizona is brown, and dead, and.... well, it's a desert. 

Lucky for me, living here has given me no choice but to practice. I have to be honest, when this family called me wanting the "desert look" for their family photographs to send home for Christmas, I thought, "Ok. This is going to stretch me. Can I make the desert look beautiful?" 

I'm happy to say, whether it was that I've learned a thing or two since moving here, or the more likely scenario that this family is just BEAUTIFUL without any help from green backgrounds, I think... between the lot of us, we succeeded. 

Who knew we could find so much beauty right here in the desert? 

And then there is THIS: maybe one of my favorite shots of all time:

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Photographing Love Photographing these two made for one of my favorite sessions ever. Besides having some of the most beautiful light I've ever worked with, they were relaxed, they were natural, and clearly love each other, and being together. Plus they are just beautiful people. Bonus! These two made me look good, but the truth is, I think they did all the work! Thanks you two, for being such amazing subjects, and being such good sport in the cold of the early morning! 

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Adventures of photographing toddlers! Toddlers: the easiest and most difficult subjects a photographer will ever work with. My confession is that toddler shoots are actually my favorite. Perhaps it's because it's close to my heart, since I have two small ones myself. I know the satisfaction and joy that come from capturing their tiny personalities the way they are today, so I can save a piece of their small selves forever. There is just something about freezing a moment in time, and suddenly seeing with clarity their childlike innocence and the future of who they will become, all in one simple photograph.

That doesn't mean that capturing that is always easy. Getting them to smile for the camera, pose the way you want them to, or even sit still for 30 seconds while you adjust your camera settings for proper exposure seems nearly impossible!  

One thing that I learned from watching the INCREDIBLY talented Wendy McGraw at work (seriously, check her out at, you'll be glad you did!) was that photographing toddlers takes time. While forcing poses and smiles is largely impossible, you can capture them, in all of the reality of their world, if you just exhibit a little patience. Let them run around and play. Let them get used to you, and forget you are there with your camera. Let them laugh and explore and jump and hide and cry and yell, and (in my experience) make sure you have at least 500 spots on your memory card. :) 

My goal has become not to force something that doesn't come naturally, but to create a keepsake of what does. While forced poses and smiles are often impossible, I've learned that's not what I want to capture anyway. The beauty of a two year old's world is that everything is real. And photographing them should reflect just that: the magic of the world as seen through the eyes of a child.  

Here's a sweet little two year old girl I had the opportunity to capture this week. She didn't sit still or even look at the camera for more than two seconds at a time! And lucky for us that she didn't, because we got a glimpse into little M's world.  

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Cardon Family Pictures A few months ago, I had the opportunity to shoot pictures of this newborn: 

As babies do, he grew very quickly, and today, he looks like this! 

Isn't he darling? This week, I got to take pictures of him with his family. 

It isn't often we get cloudy days in Arizona, so I was thrilled to get a good shoot in while we still had some of that dreamy, cloud cover that makes for some beautiful light. 

In addition, my subjects were incredibly photogenic, and even more fun than that, they were good friends. They even made me dinner afterwards. This was an all around good day! 

The only bad part, was trying to choose the best pictures for the blog. There were so many great ones to choose from, but in the end, here are two of my favorites: 

Aren't they just beautiful people? 

If you like these, make sure you jump over to my facebook page: to see some gorgeous shots of the kids!! 

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Medical School and Family Pictures When you go through something like Medical School, you have an instant connection with all of the other families that go through it with you. It's interesting that despite the stresses, anxieties and pressure... we also feel this strong ownership and pride over the campus we have put so much of our blood, sweat and tears into. This family has made it past the dreaded second year (where we are) past the dreaded boards (where we soon will be) and into a much calmer, smooth sailing, third year! This makes them my heroes. It is not surprising however, that they, like many other families, choose our beautiful campus as the backdrop for their family pictures. It represents so much of us, during this phase of life. 

Thanks Edwards family, for a wonderful session! Best of luck in rotations!!

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One year old Z! This is my dear friend. She is GORGEOUS! 

... and she has a DARLING little girl. 

Happy one year, little Z! 


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Baby Girl J Have I mentioned how much I LOVE taking pictures of newborns? 

This was the first newborn session I have done with family members involved in the actual shoot. 

My first thought when editing this shot was, "I WISH I had this picture of me with my babies!" 

Megan- You are beautiful! And you have a beautiful baby girl!

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Baby Girl N There's something magical about photographing newborns. They are SO tiny, and so sweet. So totally dependent and trusting; so innocent and pure. They are a gift straight from heaven. And it is even more fun when you get to dress them up with ribbons and bows. 

This was such a fun shoot. I had some challenges with light that forced me to get creative.. but I learned a lot, and in the end, the light we found ended up being lovely and perfect. Here is sweet baby N in all of her innocent perfection: 

At the end of the day, my favorite shot was this one: 


It doesn't get sweeter than that. :) 


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